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Undoubtedly, from a biological standpoint, Los Roques Archipelago National Park is one of the best-conserved national parks in Venezuela. It is a refuge for many species of birds, reptiles, and sea mammals, and is therefore of high ecological value. Many of these species are regionally or globally endangered. In addition, Los Roques has the most important and best conserved coral formations in the Caribbean Sea. The park is also important to the national economy as a tourist destination and food source. There is a great number of direct and indirect beneficiaries of the park, a wide array of strategic allies, and plentiful economic resources for its management but to increase patrolling and improve overall park management outside the tourist zones, these strengths need to be taken advantage of. In the near future, the growth of Gran Roque's population and increased tourism may become a serious threat to the parks biological integrity. The program proposed by the Ministry of the Environment should be implemented in the short-term. This program considers the relocation of some inhabitants in Los Roques and the diversion of "sun and beach" tourism to other Venezuelan islands.


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