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The management and administration of this and all other national parks of Venezuela are controlled by the National Institute of Parks (INPARQUES).


Cerro Saroche was declared a national park in December 7th, 1989. Unfortunately, the park does not have a management plan that determines which uses and activities are permitted, regulated and prohibited inside the park. However, officials from INPARQUES have recently elaborated a draft of the Zonification and Use Regulation Plan, which is presently in public hearings for its implementation.


The staff includes one park ranger and a superintendent who administrates in a small house along the access road to the park. There are no ranger posts, and only a small house - from where the superintendent administrates - acts as a guard post. The park lacks transportation (vehicles) and communication tools (radios).


The boundaries of the park are not defined in the field and it is impossible to recognize them. No signs advise the existence of a park; ParksWatch observed only two park signs, but both located only 100 m from the superintendent's office.


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