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Work in Peru began in the year 2000 through a partnership with APECO (Peruvian Association for the Nature Conservation). In 2002, ParksWatch-Peru began working as an independent organization. The mission of ParksWatch-Peru is to conserve Peru's ecosystems and biodiversity and to strengthen Peru's protected areas.

The objectives of ParksWatch-Peru are:

A) The realization of studies, investigations and inquiries of biodiversity, natural resources, protected areas, socioeconomic and cultural aspects of rural and indigenous people, sustainable development, environmental management, among others.

B) The dissemination of environmental information and promotion of environmental awareness.

C) The coordination of different institutions and organizations involved in biodiversity conservation, protected area management, and sustainable development projects.

ParksWatch-Peru coordinates its protected areas evaluations with the Natural Protected Areas Corps of Peru's National Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA) and other stakeholders working in the area, be they members of NGOs, regional associations or other.

Some of the protected areas receive institutional support from both governmental and non-governmental entities and/or funding from international sources, while others are completely forgotten. ParksWatch-Peru views these neglected protected areas as priorities and works to identify their major threats and problems. ParksWatch-Peru promotes information exchange and shares the information gathered during park evaluations to both national institutions and local inhabitants.

ParksWatch-Peru is directed by Diego Shoobridge.

Contact Information:

Diego Shoobridge
Casilla Postal
0448 Lima 18
Tel: (+511) 9960-4868
E-mail: dspwperu@amauta.rcp.net.pe



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