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The ParksWatch-Bolivia program was launched in 2003 by a team of volunteers led by Stéphane Pauquet, currently regional coordinator of ParksWatch.

This first mission focused its work on the seven protected areas of the Madidi-Amboró Biological Corridor – part of the larger Vilcabamba-Amboró Binational Conservation Corridor, which encompasses more than 298,000 km2 of southwestern Amazonian moist forest and montane ecosystems. This ParksWatch “Rapid Assessment” led to the production of seven park profiles and ParksWatch’s first series of management capacity assessments, which have since been added to our standard methodology.

In early 2007, ParksWatch-Bolivia acquired an institutional basis within Fundación Natura Bolivia (FNB), a Santa Cruz-based conservation NGO specializing in alternative approaches to nature conservation such as Payments-for-Environmental-Services (PES) schemes. FNB is currently working to protect fragile montane Podocarpus forests in several communities of Amboró National Park's buffer zone. In parallel to this effort, FNB participated in the research effort that lead to the creation of Rio Grande departmental park in Santa Cruz.

For the 2006-2010 period, ParksWatch-Bolivia’s main objectives are to:

a) evaluate and document the condition of all the country’s nationally protected areas (22 in total, covering more than 15 million hectares), and create an online database on these parks in collaboration with the national park administration (SERNAP);

b) support the SERNAP in the implementation of its monitoring system, both at the park level and within the central administration;

c) provide technical training to park staff and managers through the organization of workshops and short courses tailored to each park’s specific needs;

d) carry out systematic management capacity assessments and provide real-time information to donor agencies;

e) organize campaigns in the media in order to raise awareness about the fate of the country’s protected areas and contribute to developing broader political support.

ParksWatch-Bolivia is coordinated by Nigel Asquith.


Fundación Natura Bolivia
Calle Moldes # 620 (entre Cobija y Oruro)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Tel/Fax: (+591) 3-339-5133

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