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US-based office and data collection center
Local partners

US-based office and data collection center

The Center for Tropical Conservation (CTC), created in 1988 as a response to the tropical biodiversity crisis, serves as ParksWatch's administrative base and academic headquarters. The CTC’s primary purpose is to ensure that sound science informs and stimulates sound policy on conservation needs, particularly in tropical developing countries. Working with academic and conservation groups throughout Central and South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia, the CTC has produced collaborative research, including a series of "CTC Reports" focused on applied science and policy issues affecting conservation, and has trained international professionals to become effective natural resource managers.


Dr. John W. Terborgh - Chairman of ParksWatch Advisory Board, Director of the Center for Tropical Conservation

John Terborgh is a James B. Duke Professor of Environmental Science and is Director of the Center for Tropical Conservation at Duke University. He is a member of the National Academy of Science, and for the past thirty-five years has been actively involved in tropical ecology and conservation issues. An authority on avian and mammalian ecology in neotropical forests, Dr. Terborgh has published numerous articles and books on conservation themes. Since 1973, he has operated a field station in Peru's Manu National Park, where he has overseen the research of more than 100 investigators.

Dr. Terborgh previously served on the faculties of the University of Maryland and Princeton University. In June 1992, he was awarded a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship in recognition of his distinguished work in tropical ecology, and in April 1996, he was awarded the National Academy of Science’s Daniel Giraud Elliot medal for his research, and for his book Diversity and the Tropical Rainforest. He serves on several boards and advisory committees related to conservation, including the Wildlands Project, Cultural Survival, The Nature Conservancy, The World Wildlife Fund and both the Primate and Ecology Specialist Groups of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.



Stéphane Pauquet - Program Coordinator

Stéphane Pauquet graduated with a B.Sc. in Conservation Biology from San Francisco State University and a M.Sc. in Natural Resources Management from the University of Cottbus, Germany. He has spent the past eight years working on evaluations of South America's national park systems, and after several years of volunteering became ParksWatch's coordinator in 2006. His professional interests are the management and dissemination of conservation-related data and the development of cost-efficient and transparent funding mechanisms for nature conservation. After spending two years as a consultant for the Latin American Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC) as technical coordinator of the Ecofunds Database, he is currently supervising the development of GreenVest, a modernized version of ParksWatch aimed at addressing the most pressing logistical needs of audited parks.



Local partners 

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(In partnership with Fundação O Boticário)

Antonio Cristiano Vieira Cegana - Coordinator

Antonio Cristiano Vieira Cegana graduated in Agronomy and obtained a Master's Degree on Private Reserves Management from the State University of Maringá.

He has worked in Public Use Management of Natural Areas and as an instructor of conservation courses like management of interpretation trails and ecotourism.

Antonio is currently project analyst and director of ParksWatch - Brazil within O' Boticario Foundation's Protected Areas Program.

Contact Information:

PW - Brazil
Fundação O Boticário de Proteção à Natureza
Programa de Áreas Naturais Protegidas
Tel: (+55) 41-3340-2648
Email: antoniocv@fundacaoboticario.org.br


(In partnership with Trópico Verde)

Carlos Albacete - Director

Carlos Albacete received a degree in political science from Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. With more than twelve years of experience in environmental work, he has carried out extensive research on the state of the environment in Central America. His work as Greenpeace's Advisor to Central America's Chemical and Biodiversity Campaigns included research into the international trade of toxic waste, as well as fieldwork on the conservation status of communal forests throughout Central America.

As Director of Oilwatch Mesoamerica, he organized Mesoamerican opposition to petroleum development in the region, with notable results in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Since founding Trópico Verde, he has monitored the conservation status of several different plant species, while advocating stricter protection of Guatemala's forests and wetlands.

Carlos is the author of numerous articles and research reports on Guatemalan conservation and has won recognition and awards for his work throughout Central America.

Contact Information:

ParksWatch - Guatemala
Trópico Verde
Vía 6, 4-25 zona 4
Edificio Castañeda, Oficina 41
Tel: (+502) 339-4225
Fax: (+502) 331- 0487
Email: mailto@tropicoverde.org


(In partnership with Naturalia A. C.)

Gerardo Carréon - Director

Gerardo Carréon is a biologist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His Master's Project is titled "Ecology and Biology of Conservation of the Guacamaya Roja (Ara macao) in the Lacandon Forest, Chiapas, Mexico." He has studied both the scarlet and green macaws (Ara militaris) for more than seven years in the medium subdeciduous forests and the high evergreen forests, respectively.

He is a member of the Tri-national Iniciative: Macaws without Borders in the Maya Forest of Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico, which is part of the Consultive Committee for Management and and Improvement of Mexican Parrots. In addition, he has participated in ecological and conservation projects on small mammals with the Ecological Institute at UNAM.

Contact Information:

ParksWatch - Mexico
Naturalia A.C.
Amores # 1104
Col. del Valle, C.P. 03100
Delegación Benito Juárez, México, D.F
Tel: (+52) 5559-6330
Fax: (+52) 5559-5696
Email: parkswatch@naturalia.org.mx


Diego Shoobridge - Director

Diego Shoobridge received his bachelor degree in public relations in the Universidad de Lima, Perú and his master degree in Tufts University, Massachusetts. He has extensive experience in environmental education, training workshops, consulting and research for non-governmental and private institution in rural areas, especially in the Amazon region. Diego started working in the Peruvian Central Andes, with conservation and reforestation projects.

He then started working in the Amazon region, implementing several conservation and natural resource management programs, working directly with indigenous communities and settlers. He carried out extensive research in natural resource management in areas bordering protected areas, promoting public awareness and organizational improvement to manage and preserve natural resources.

His latest work was in the Purús River, Perú, where he directed environmental research and public awareness projects. He is continuously traveling inside the Amazon region doing environmental assessments projects as an independent consultant.

Contact Information:

ParksWatch -Peru
Diego Shoobridge
Casilla Postal
0448 Lima 18
Tel: (+511) 9960-4868
E-mail: dspwperu@amauta.rcp.net.pe


(In partnership with Bioparques)

Rodolfo Castillo - Director


Contact Information:

Av. El Empalme con Av. El Mirador
Ed. Torre 18
Piso 9, Oficina 9-A
La Campiña, Caracas 1060
Tel: (+58) 212-731-4016
Email: bioparques@cantv.net


Adrian Monjeau - Director

Adrian Monjeau is a biologist (1982, La Plata University, Argentina) with a PhD in Natural Sciences (1989, La Plata University) and a post-doc in geographical ecology applied to conservation and epidemiology at the University of Minnesota (USA).

He published more than 30 scientific articles in ecology and mammal conservation in the protected areas of Patagonia. He coordinated nearly 40 environmental impact assessments implying compensation strategies aimed at creating new protected areas. Adrian is professor in Design of Natural Reserves, former chair of IUCN´s new world marsupial specialists group, and former senior consultant on a World Bank environmental project, for which he developed a monitoring system for Bolivia's protected areas.

Adrian Monjeau is director of the IARN (Institute for the Analysis of Natural Resources) at the Universidad Atlántida Argentina, in which he coordinates a team of scientists and technicians with emphasis in geomatics, geographic information systems, statistics and data analysis applied to park management. He is the mentor of seven students.

Contact Information:

ParksWatch - Southern Cone
Instituto de Análisis de Recursos Naturales (IARN)
Arenales 2742 (7600)
Mar del Plata
Tel: (+54) 223-4921152
Fax: (+54) 223-4915400
E-mail: amonjeau@parkswatch.org



After several years spent searching for an appropriate local partner to host a ParksWatch program in Bolivia, we have finally found one: Fundación Natura Bolivia (FNB), a young Bolivian NGO based in Santa Cruz (the country's second largest city, located in the eastern lowlands).

FNB specializes in alternative approaches to nature conservation. Its core activity is the development of local capacity for a Payments-for-Environmental-Services (PES) scheme that involves communities located within the buffer zone of Amboró National Park, whose economic activities threaten old-growth montane Podocarpus forests. By strengthening local property rights through institution-building and innovative conservation and development programs, FNB aims to turn the Los Negros headwater inhabitants into the gatekeepers of these forests.

In parallel with this effort, FNB coordinates the preliminary research effort that will support the creation of a significant departmental protected area (with a surface superior to 300,000 ha) in the Rio Grande watershed.

To carry out its ParksWatch-related activities, FNB recently hired José Manuel Rojas Gutiérrez, a biologist with over 10 years of field experience with populations of small mammals in southeasterrn Bolivia and associated with the Noel Kempff Mercado Natural History Museum of Santa Cruz.

e is the mentor of seven students.

Contact Information:

ParksWatch - Bolivia
Fundación Natura Bolivia
Av, Irala 421, 2do piso
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Tel/Fax: (+591) 3-339-5133
E-mail: josemanuelrojas@naturabolivia.org

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